My passion is crafting clear communication that delivers the right message, in the right tone, and for the right audience. From advertising to website content, technical training manuals to instructional design, newsletters and reporting, I have experience writing copy across a wide variety of topics, styles and platforms. I love working with words in any format or medium.

Instructional Design/Training
I have been in the software training trenches, and I have emerged victorious! I love face-to-face interaction with students: helping them overcome new technology fears while mastering work tools and becoming allies is rewarding. Designing step-by-step, illustrated guides and materials to assist in that process combines my love of communication, writing, and page layout.

Copy Editing/Proofreading
I have years of experience editing for spelling, punctuation, grammar, consistency, style, and structure. Verifying citations, citation style, links and index/contents for print and online is a forte. After a decade on copy desks, I have a talent for spotting issues and making fixes; I know when to ask questions and when to find answers. Editing is a calling and a skill, and it involves so much more than spell check.

In-Depth Editing
Includes the above, plus further emphasis on sentence structure/style and word choice. Flexing my editing muscles to whip your writing into peak shape by rearranging, reworking and trimming.

Style Guides
As a combination editor/page designer, style (both language and look) is close to my heart. Custom style guides and templates for ongoing, longterm or premier projects is one of my specialties. I provide illustrated examples of layout, fonts, character attributes, captions, subheads, headlines and content-specific language.

Content Expertise
Technology (computers, programming, apps, software, etc.)
Educational materials (textbooks, tests, syllabi, online courses, etc.)
Training materials
Press releases

Associated Press
Adaptable to any in-house or preferred style